Saturday, July 23, 2016


Jon has beautiful curls. We are afraid to cut his hair because we are afraid they will not come back!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Currently 7-22-16

Watching: Big Brother, Word Party

Reading: When We Were Sisters, Her Again, Heat Wave

Listening: TV, air conditioning

Creating or Cooking: Just been heating stuff up.

Feeling tired, sore

Planning: running errands in Manhattan, 2 mile walk

Loving: air conditioning

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hildebrand Dairy Farm

There are many awesome things about the small town we live in and one of them is the Hildebrand Dairy Farm. It was actually started in town by a member of our church years and years ago. Then they moved out to the country. one of the sons and his family runs it now and Margaret Hildebrand (the Matriarch and wife of the man who started it) is the only one who goes to our church. I enjoy visiting with her in her home on the property.

They also have a store where we like to buy milk in glass bottles(they pasteurize and bottle on site) and fresh made ice cream in Spring and Summer. They also sell beef from their cows (it is processed elsewhere), cheese from a Mennonite couple, packaged ice cream from K State, lavender products from Prairie Lavender Farm, honey and other sauces made locally, eggs from a local farmer and some stuffed animals and t-shirts and such. Oh, and their own butter!!

In the fall they have a big festival and invite other food vendors. In summer they do a smaller festival. We missed it because I was sick, but the next week I took Jon to get milk and icecream. Then we went to see some recently born calfs. at first Jon wasn't too sure about them, but then he ended up crying when we left!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Not A Water Baby

We bought Jon a kiddie pool with some of the money my aunt sent him for his birthday. We set it up and filled it with water, but it was way to cold for him. He preferred sitting on a chair and watching his playdates play in it instead!!

We also signed Jon up for swim lessons. For his age it was basically getting used to the water and learning some basic moves. he did not like it. We did get him used to the water and he liked splashing and splayin g and was okay with us dunking him under water, but when it came to learning how to paddle, kick his feet or float (all with us holding him) he was not having it, He even threw up on me in the pool!!! We are hoping next year goes better and we plan to get pool passes.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Spiritual Sunday -- Bibles

I have become quite the collector of Bibles. It has kind of happened by accident and circumstance. There are a lot of different translations of the Bible out there, too! It is mind blowing.

Growing up Catholic we had a big, ornate Catholic Bible. We never used it, though. It was just for decoration. I still have it and enjoy reading the Christmas Story from look from it on Christmas Eve. Later I discovered that my dad also had a Catholic Bible. Not as big but it was also ornate. It is a Douay version which I guess was the translation they used to use for Catholic Bibles. The big one I have is not a Douay however. I am also in possession of a 1932 Douay edition that belonged to my dad's cousin. So that is 3 Bibles. What distinguishes a Catholic Bible from other Bibles is the addition of several other books of scripture called the Apocrypha.

When I was taking Catechism classes and making my first communion there was no emphasis on scripture study or memorization. We memorized prayers and learned Bible stories. The Catholic Mass consists of a reading from the Old Testament, a reading from the New Testament, a responsorial psalm and a reading from the Gospel. Our church did have a weekly Bible study, but as a youth Bible reading on your own was not even mentioned. When I started Confirmation classes we were required to purchase a $5 paperback Bible which was a St. Joseph edition. this is the version of the Catholic Bible I am most familiar with. I also received a beautiful white St. Joseph Edition as a Confirmation present. This is the Bible I first used to read the entire Bible. It is currently MIA, but I think I know where it is, so that makes 4 Bibles which are Catholic Bibles.

When I joined the Mormon church I started using the King James Version which is the most widely used version. We use it because we believe it is the most closely translated version. I was given my scripture quad by my missionaries who taught
me which included the King James Bible. I use that now all the time,marking it and stuff, but at first I kept it clean.. I also bought a small KJV to mark in. Then later I bought another one to mark in as well! So that is 3 KJV Bibles.

Recently I started getting small Bible Study booklets that use the New International Version Bible so I bought an NIV for myself. Then, at Sundown Salute I got a free NASB version. I have committed to reading that one all the way through since it is easiest to understand.

So that makes 9 Bibles!! Of course we have TJ's set, too, so that is 10!

I would like to get a NKJV to compare.

What version (translation) of the Bible do you use?

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Daily Walk -- Neighborhood

On Wednesdays or days I don't feel like driving somewhere Jon and I take a walk around the neighborhood. On this particular day a storm was approaching, there appeared to be an accident or something a few streets over and there was house construction going on a street over