Sunday, May 22, 2016

Peanut Poked My Eye Out

Okay, not really, but he scratched it pretty good!!

On Saturday afternoon, 2 weeks ago, in the midst of Scout missing, I was playing with Peanut, cuddling and tickling him. At one point he reached back and accidentally caught me in the eye with his finger. It hurt A LOT, but I laughed it off and went on with the rest of my day. It continued to ache, but was okay. Then, around bedtime, it started to STING. I posted about it ans was told it may be a scratch on my cornea. I held a cold washcloth against my closed eye and took 2 Tylenol PM and was okay.

In the morning it was still stinging. I sent TJ to the small Walmart for an eye patch. It didn't hold my eye closed so I sent him back for eye bandages. That helped a little more. We went to church and I wore just the bandage, but we didn't even make it to the service. I was hurting too much so we went to the ER. They gave me numbing drops which was awesome and then fluorescent drops and looked at it with a purple light. They could see it had a pretty good scratch. The doctor said if he had torn my sclera or something I would have needed immediate surgery!! But it was just my cornea so they gave me another round of numbing drops and taped my eye with gauze to keep it shut. They prescribed Norco for the pain and Erythramyacin ointment (which is totally different from the pills, which make me sick). They also gave me the names of 2 Ophthalmologists in Manhattan to follow up the next day with. Not sure why they did not recommend someone in town unless they are all just optometrists, but no matter because the guy I saw was awesome. But more on that in a minute.

I went home and took the pain medicine and felt so much better. The next day I did not have to work. TJ stayed home with me so he could take me to the doctor. I called the one office they recommended and got an answering machine. Called the 2nd and got a person. They did not have an opening until after 4, but I was okay since I had pain medication. I went and the doctor was AMAZING. He was very nice and funny. He joked with me about not liking eye drops either. He also had a nice technician who was tall and looked like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He said the scratch was healing and to keep using the ointment and to come back in on Wednesday. I ended up staying home again on Tuesday because it still hurt a lot, but on Wednesday I stayed ahead of the pain and went to work. I wore my eye bandage outside, but it was annoying. The next 2 days I wore my regular eye patch and sunglasses. I went to the doctor again and he said my eye was still healing and to keep using the ointment. However, I lost it!! I called after hours and left a message and he called back 5 minutes later and called it in for me!!!! I also had an appointment for Monday.

Last Monday I had my final appointment. I was kind of disappointed, lol. He prescribed a steroid to make sure there is no infection and to keep using the ointment for 2 more weeks. I never picked up the prescription and stopped using the ointment, but my eye feels fine.

I never knew a poke in the eye could cause so much damage!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

More To Come, I Swear

I do have more posts coming, I really do!! I have one ready to go, just need to get on my computer to add pictures. And during the summer blogging is going to be on my daily to do list. I also want to make it a Sunday activity.

I will tell you about my day now though. I woke up at 6am for no reason. Jon woke up before 7am and we snuggled for awhile (TJ is at Drill). Then we got up, dressed, and went garage saling!! Did you know I am the queen of garage saling??? Last weekend we went to the post wide sales and I was looking for a plastic shopping cart for Jon. We drove all around and in the last neighborhood I spotted one --$2!!! Today I was looking for a toy vacuum and a little table. Found a table for $5, but no vaccuum. Instead I found a Hot Wheels rolling case filled with cars...$5!!!!!!! Very excited about that.

After, we went and helped clean the church and then stayed for a baptism. Came home, cleaned, then went to a birthday party. Came home and I am continuing to clean and maybe take a nap. It has been a very productive day.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mancat Monday with Prodgical Scout

Hi everyone!! I have missed blogging with you all. I guess Mommy told you what happened the weekend before. I had a grand adventure but she didn't see it that way. I guess I should not have stayed gone for 4 days. I have only been allowed outside twice since then and I have to come back when Mommy calls. I really didn't mean to make her worry.

So, let me catch you up with what has been going on in my life. Months ago my best friend, Henry, moved back!!! It was awesome. But he moved away again, for good. I also had a temporary cat brother and sister. The girl, Tinkerbell, did not like me, but I got along with her brother, Coal...most of the time. We liked to play fight, especially under the bed. Sometimes we real fought. He was a young cat so he sometimes wore me out or wanted to play when i didn't feel like it. he was not allowed outside, but could go in the garage, but he wanted me to go with him and cried until I did. He cried A LOT. He had a pretty good Meow. They left, though, to go to a new house with their mommy and brother. Sometimes I miss Coal, but it is nice to be the only cat again.

My brother is growing!! He can pet me now. He is usually nice. He does not pull my tail or hit me. However, sometimes he does not like when I sit on Mommy's lap and pushes me off!! It is okay, though, because I get to sleep with Mommy and he sleeps in a cage. Once in awhile I will join him. Or sleep on the rocking chair in his room.

That is all that is going on. Looks like I will be on house arrest for awhile.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gone(updated...HE CAME BACK!)

I know it has been months since I have posted, and I keep meaning to, but life gets in the way. I still have every intention of starting up again, especially in the summer when I am not working full time.

Today, though, I am blogging again and it is not a happy reason.

Around 4am on Saturday morning Scout went outside. This is not unusual as he likes to explore at night and in the early morning, coming home normally at 6 or 7 for breakfast. This time, however, he did not come home. I held out hope during the day and on Sunday called the animal shelter, but by then I knew he was not coming back.

I do not know if something got him or if it was just his time and he went off by himself to pass over the bridge by himself as most cats do. He did not show signs of being sick, but you never know.

People keep telling me to not lose hope, that maybe he will still come back, but I know he won't. He would not have stayed away this long. I am devastated and numb. Scout was more than a pet cat to me. He was the cat I always dreamed of having. He was friendly and silly and loved to cuddle. He often slept with me sometimes in my arms like a real live stuffed animal. When I was sick he would stay by my side. He loved to be around me. He loved attention and with strangers would act like we never gave him any lol. When I was pregnant Scout liked to lay his head on my belly and after Peanut was born he liked to sit with me while I held Peanut. He was very patient as Peanut learned how to pet and not grab or hit him. Peanut loved Scout as well and his eyes would light up when he saw him.

I am still kind of in denial that Scout is gone. I have not cried yet (partly because I have a torn cornea, but that is another story) because that will make it more real and final to me. I do kind of wish that if he was sick he would have let me be there with him when he passed so I could tell him how loved he was and how special and wonderful he was. It would also have given me some closure

UPDATE... at 2am last night I woke up to crying at the front door.  There was Scout!! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Resolutions and Word

This year snuck up on me!! (ok, not really). I do have some goals and a new word, but first let's visit last year's.

My word was Cherish and I think I did well with that. I cherished moments with my son, my husband, family and friends. I cherished my son.

My goals were
1. Go to the gym at least 2 times a week.
2. Run a 2 mile race in March and a 5k in July.
3. Keep up with Project Life
4. Use only what I have in my stash for Project Life and scrap booking.
5. Read all of the New Testament.

Did not meet any of them!! The closest I got was a 5k in September (mostly walking) and I caught up Project Life in July. I used a lot of my stash, though.

So, for this year my word is LOVE. Love my son, love my husband, love my friends, love my enemies, love my cat and cat guests, love my nursery kids and preteen girls in my church group, love the kids at school and coworkers, love myself and most importantly Love God. Also love my job, love my home, love my church callings, and love the scriptures and love my life.

And now the Goals...
1. Regular exercise and healthy eating.
2. Run 2 miler in March, 5k in July, 5k in September, and another 2 miler or 5k tbd.
3. Color code Book of Mormon.
4. Keep up with Chatbooks (alternative to Project Life)
5. Blog more

That is manageable.

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Currently 12-27-15

Watching: Nothing.

Reading: Let Them Eat Fruitcake, The Loft, Dancing Through It All. And always The Book of Mormon

Listening: Crocodile Dundee again. My husband likes to watch it over and over lol

Creating or Cooking: hopefully cookies eventually, Christmas cards, a shrimp dish and quesadillas. I never got to any of these lst week.

Feeling better, motivated

Planning: to start on Christmas cards, make cookies, clean

Loving: My new phone I was forced to get after my old one died completely

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Currently 12-20-15

Watching: Maybe a Christmas movie later

Reading: Christmas Train, Dashing Through The Snow, Let Them Eat Fruitcake, A Simple Holiday Wish and Christmas books to Peanut. And always The Book of Mormon

Listening: Crocodile Dundee at the moment. otherwise, Christmas music

Creating or Cooking: hopefully cookies eventually, Christmas cards, a shrimp dish and quesadillas

Feeling yucky. Ear infection causing headaches and sore throat

Planning: to start on Christmas cards, do Christmasy stuff this week

Loving: Tordol