Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Appeal of Bubble Baths

Why are bubble baths so appealing? Why not just take a bath in plain old water. Why add bubbles?

For me it is the feeling of luxury. It just sounds luxurious to take a bubble bath(think images of fancy claw foot tubs filled with suds, candles all around, a glass of champagne nearby). But the feel is also luxurious. To me the bubbles feel soft and silky, especially against my legs. I don't light candles or drink champagne, though(but I will sometimes have juice or soda in a wineglass).

I use different products to make the bubbles. Mostly real "bubble bath". I like Bath and Body Works the best. I did buy some Carebear Bubble Bath at Walmart, though, because the container was a plastic Funshine Carebear(to add to my carebear collection). The bubbles didn't last very long, though. Mr. Bubble works really well, but I haven't used that since I was a kid. If I don't have bubble bath I use shower gel. Usually the bubbles evaporate pretty quickly, but the one I used tonight-- Magnolia Blossom by Bath and Body Works -- lasted as long as I was in there. I used almost half the small bottle, though. I once saw on a soap opera someone using dishwashing detergent(or supposedly that's what she used) and it made a lot of bubbles, but I have not had to resort to that, yet.

I also like to use moisturizing bath beads(more like sand than beads) because it is so dry in Kansas and I get itchy if I don't moisturize. Right now I am using Soothing Aloe by Vaseline. Calgon also makes bath beads and they are reasonably priced at Walmart.

I like the water to be super hot, too, so it stays warm. I usually fill the tub just a little before getting in and then let it fill the rest of the way while I am sitting there so I don't waste any of the hot water.

And while taking a bath I, of course, read teen fiction from the 80s(sometimes I change it up and read a magazine). I have to read or I get very bored. The only other thing I ever do in the tub is use a sloughing cream on my feet, knees and elbows(right before I shower off). Very rarely I will shave my legs(I usually do this while just plain showering).

My bathtub is okay, Not big, but not small, either. I fit pretty well because I am short. My husband, should he ever decide to take a bath(he showers), however, may have a problem. At least it is clean. You can't take a bath in a dirty bathtub(at least I can't -- yuck!!)

After taking a bath I continue to pamper myself(and bubble baths are the ultimate in pampering activities, in my opinion, except for massages) by putting on my fluffy pink robe(from Bath and Body Works -- yes, I love that store!!) and using lotion. Of, course, I do those 2 things after showering, too(remember, the dry weather necessitates it).

I would love to hear other people's opinions on why they like to take baths(other than to get clean!!) and what products they like to use.

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