Saturday, January 20, 2007

Books I am currently reading

I can't read just one book at once. I like to have several going and I alternate. I read one chaper in a book, then read a chapter in another and so on.

Right now I am currently reading.....
1. Black Girl, White Girl by Joyce Carol Oates(Fiction). It is slow going, but I am not ready to give up on it yet. I have read 2 of this authors' books before and they are very deep and dark, but extremely well written. This book is about a black girl who was murdered at college in the 70s. Her roomate at the time is the narrator and she is trying to reconstruct what happened. I checked this out of the library.
2. Karen and Vicki by Elizabet McHugh(Young Adult[YA] Fiction). Simple, but interesting. Not part of my bathtub reading because the book is hardback. It was part of line of books sold under the company Especially For Girls (my parents never let me subscribe to this because it was too expensive, but the books looked so nice in hardback). It is about an adopted Korean-American girl who is almost 12 whose mom marries a man with three of his own kids(her mom had also just prior to the marriage adopted a 4 year old Korean American girl). The grandma also lives with them and Karen has to do a project for school so she chooses to do a time efficiency study because her family is so disorganized, especially her 15 year old stepsister Vicki, whom Karen can't stand. She has trouble getting everyone organized, but tries to be more tolerant and understand Vicki. I got this in the laundry room of the apartment complex I lived at in Florida where we had a shelf for people to exchange books.
3. All-American Girl by Meg Cabot(YA Fiction). This also did not make bathtub reading because I got it from the library. I like the author and am making my way through her books. I have only read 2 chapters so don't really have an opinion, yet. It's about a girl who saves the president's life. So far she hates her older sister.
4. Understanding Your Bowels (Non-Fiction/Health). I picked this up at the PX because it looked interesting and funny(any book that has illustrations of poop for educational purposes has to be!!). I already learned about my intestines, colon and anal canal.
5. The Mormon Enquirer (Humor). Satirical look at Mormon culture and life written by Mormons. So far I have read an "article" about 2 spirits in the pre-mortal world trying to switch families. I bought this at a new/used bookstore in Junction City. It is new.
6. The book of St. Matthew in the New Testament of the Bible (Religion/Scriptures). We are studying the new testament in sunday school at church this year. I enhance my scripture study by highlighting every mention of Jesus Christ and using a student study guide.
7. Book of Nephi in The Book Of Mormon(Religion/Scriptures). One of our sister missionaries who was transferred to Liberty, Missouri suggested reading the Book of Mormon everyday so I am.

Sunday reading(I try to only read scriptures and LDS or other religious or Christian books on Sundays)............
1. The Work and the Glory: So Great a Cause(#8) by Gerald S. Lund(LDS Fiction). This series is about the fictional Steed family who joins the LDS church at the beginning and travels with Joseph Smith from New York to Ohio to Missouri to Illinois until his martyrdom and are now traveling with Brigham Young across the plains to Utah. Very engaging series as it blends church history with fiction which makes for a good and easy read(at least for me). This is the second to the last book in the series. I also buy these for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I was borrowing these from my friend, Kate, but she didn't have these and we both moved away from Florida. I picked the last 2 up in Mesa, Arizona at a great discount bookstore called Seagull Books right down the street from the Temple.
2. Yearbook by Allyson Braithwaite Condie(LDS Fiction). This book is kind of confusing because each chapter is written by a different character. It is about a year in the life of students and a teacher at a high scholl. Some characters are LDS, some are not. Pretty interesting read. I bought this at an LDS bookstore in Chicago.
3. The Secret Journal of Brett Colton by Kay Lynn Mangum(LDS Fiction). This is about a girl whose brother died of leukemia at age 17(she was 2 at the time), but everyone in her family always talks about him and she feels she is in his shadow. He was a football hero and, ironically, she has to tutor the current football hero, who is a Mormon(she is not). She is supposed to find a a journal written by her brother for her, but I haven't got that far. It is an interesting story. I bought it at Deseret Books in San Diego and the cashier told me it was really good. She also told me about a youth leader who took it with him on a young men's retreat and by the end all the young men were reading it. She said the book also made the other cashier cry.

And, last but not least, my bathtub reading..............
One Day You'll Go by Sheila Schwartz(YA Romance). This is part of the Wildfire series which was a big teen romance publisher. The book is about a drifter who helps a family in Upstate New York at their apple orchard for the summer. Written in 1981. It's kind of lame and corny. The drifter falls for the 16 year old daughter who falls for him though, even though she has a"boyfriend" but she is only with the guy because they paired up in junior high and it's expected they'll get married(its a small town). She wants to go away to college, though and break it off with the guy so she can see the drifter. The synopsis on the back promises a "major disater" and thanks to the predictability of this book I have figured out what it is. I bought this book at Salvation Army in Salina, Kansas.

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