Monday, January 15, 2007

Gravity Hills

I have recently discovered a new passion and that is finding Gravity Hills and rolling my car backwards up them. Let me explain....
A gravity hill is a stretch of road that appears to be going up hill, but if you stop your car at the "bottom" and put it in neutral your car will roll "uphill". It is actually going downhill, but due to the surrounding topography of the land it creates the optical illusion of going uphill when you are actually going down. There are hills like this all over the world. I have been on 2.

The first was Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida(where I hope to live one day). I learned about it in the book Weird Florida and went to try it for myself. It is very easy to find once you are in the neighborhood as there are signs directing you where to go and a big sogn and explanation at the site. I went during the day during the week when no one was there and did it about 10 times!!

The second one was trickier to find. When reading about Spook Hill I remembered a newspaper article back in my hometown of Whittier, California several years back about a similar road in a residential area called Spyglass Hills. The owner of the propert was unhappy with kids who went up there at night to check it out. Of course, the article didn't publish the exact location, but my mom said that her cousin knew where it was. On my recent trip home for the holidays I asked this cousin. She did not know about that one, but she did know of one in Rose Hills Cemetery in the same hills. She could not remember the exact location, but knew the rough area of where it was. After some trial and error I was able to find it. And it was awesome. It is just a slight hill, but longer than Spook Hill.

If anyone knows of any hills like this in Kansas please let me know!!!! :)

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suzanne said...

cool phenomenon! i'll have to try that sometime.
congratulations on your blog! it's a great outlet, no? i'll be sure to drop by to keep up on you!