Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Love Snow!!!

Being from California and Florida I did not get much of an opportunity to see snow. In fact, it was only 3 times before moving here.......
1. When I was a teenager my friend, Heather, and her mom took me to Lake Arrowhead to play in the snow. That was my first time!!!
2. In college I went to Albuquerque with my friend, Tara, before Christmas and we had snow on the way and the first morning I was there. That was the first time I saw snow falling and just stood at the back door watching it.
3. Last Christmas I came out to Kansas and Illinois to visit my then fiance and family, respectively. The snow was mostly melting in Kansas, though.

Last month the Weather Channel kept saying it was going to snow here one weekend. I waited and waited. I kept checking outside. I kept the curtains open so I could glimpse the first flakes. But it never snowed. Not even sleet or freezing rain. It was just very cold out and overcast. It snowed all around, but not in this area. I was sooooo disappointed.

I had my first encounter with snow this season in New Mexico. It started as I crossed the mountains before Albuquerque. It snowed all through the night and the next day. It stopped the day I left.

When I came home this past week I had my second encounter. It started with the sleet and ice in Oklahoma. For those who don't know, sleet is tiny gravel-like balls. It is snow that passed through a warm pocket of air and started melting, then passed through another cold pocket and refroze. Sleet makes for good driving conditions(as opposed to snow, rain, freezing rain, etc) because it doesn't stick to the windshield and it provides traction on the rodes so your car doesn't slip. But it hurts like crazy if you go out when it is coming down hard!!
Anyway, coming through Kansas, the roads were clear until I got to the last stretch and then it was icy, but manageable.

The next day it sleeted in the morning, but in the afternoon it SNOWED!!!!! I immediately bundled up and went out in it. I walked around the block. I wrote Robyn Loves TJ in the snow with my boot. I attempted to make a snowball, but the snow was too powdery. The next day everything was covered and it was so pretty in the sun.

Today the snow on the roads and in parking lots has been cleared and is starting t melt and get slushy and mixed with dirt and mud. It's gross. But in other places it is still covering the ground and is very pretty.

Snow holds a very magical quality for me. I can only hope that this will continue for as long as I live in this kind of environment.

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