Monday, January 15, 2007

My thoughts on the War in Iraq

I am not an expert...these are just my opinions........

I feel that there is a codependency between Iraq and the US. I think that the Iraqi goverment and police are perfectly capable of taking care of their own country, but neither they nor us are willing to let go of our presence there. I think that they maybe feel that they cannot do it without us and continue to want us to stay and help. I think we are afraid that they will fail without us and so we cannot bring ourselves to leave. I think both sides need to gain more confidence and let go.

I know that there is still insurgency and in-fighting, but you know what? We have the same thing here in the US -- it's called gang wars. Many countries have these problems and we are not in every one of them trying to stop them. These are problems that Iraqis can handle by themselves if we would just let them and they would let us let them.

I also believe that ego is playing a big part in us still being there and getting ready to send even more troops. I do not like George Bush and I do not respect him. I refuse to address him by the title of President because I don't believe he deserves to be called such. I did not vote for him, either. I had the pleasure of waiting 2 hours to not do so!! I earned the right to complain by voting and waiting 2 hours to vote(that is a subject for another post!).

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