Friday, January 19, 2007

Rough Night(prequel to my Daily Summary)

If you read my daily summary from yesterday you will see that I had a pretty good day. But at 11:30pm it all went downhill. Sadly, another family had a much worse night than me.
First, after turning out the light and settling down, I started to cry thinking about my husband. I missed him so much. This may sound weird, but sometimes if I lie real still with my arms around the pillow and the covers over me it almost feels like he is there holding me. I was not getting that feeling so that upset me even more. But after I stopped crying I tried again and it worked.
Then I heard sirens. And more sirens. And more. For awhile I debated whether I wanted to give up the feeling I had lying there(and the warmth of the bed!!) to see what was happening or not. Curiosity won out. First I went to the back door and could not see anything. So I put on shoes, a jacket and scarf and went out to the front and around to the street. That's when i saw smoke. As I walked down the street to see where it was coming from I hoped and prayed it was the hay bales from the farm at the front of Milford, but it wasn't. It was a trailer out on the road that leads into our neighborhood. I stood watching it for about 5 - 10 minutes, but started to freeze, so I went back and got my car. I was also hoping it was one of the empty trailers, but it wasn't. I don't think anyone got hurt, though, thank God!!! It completely gutted the place. They also had to take an ax to it to make sure they got the fire completely so today the place is just a hacked up, burned out shell. It is very sad.
After I went back to my trailer I made myself some herbal tea and burned my tongue on it. When I went to put an ice cube on it the ice cube stuck to my lips and started to really hurt and freeze so I tore it off and took some skin. So now my tongue and lips hurt!! I had to take Tylenol PM and I think that was the only reason I was able to sleep last night.

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