Thursday, January 18, 2007

Summary of my day -- 1-18-07

Woke up at 9:30 am(after having very weird dreams) and read until 10 am. Watched a Gilmore Girls rerun and then read again. Cleaned and organized my bedroom while watching Family Feud and All My Children, alternately. Went on the computer for a couple hours and watched General Hospital. Finished my room while watching Yes,Dear and another Gilmore Girls rerun. I moved a bookshelf in there where I put my videos(VCR is in the bedroom) and journals and stories I have written. I also added some decorative stuff. Redid the curtains and am using one to cover my small dresser where I broke 2 drawer fronts by slamming them too hard. Vacuumed too!!!
Went to the PX(Post Exchange) and made a big payment on TJ's Star Card. Bought myself a small album for pictures from when I worked at St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare in Orange County and another photo box to hold the new mini albums I am using to organize my pictures.
Went bowling with some Army wives. Met 3 new people. I am going to go every Thursday from now on. They are all very nice and I had fun.
One of my husband's sergeants is home on his R&R. I was a little jealous of his wife because she gets to have her husband home, but I was also sad because he will be leaving in 2 weeks and he has come home so early in the deployment. He told me something wonderful, though. He told me that my husband is doing an awesome job in Iraq and has passed all the sergeants' expectations. He told me to have no worries about my husband over there. I had heard through his wife before about how much better my husband was doing, but it was extra special hearing it from the sergeant. He almost made me cry because I am so proud of TJ.
It was avery good day today.

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