Saturday, January 20, 2007

Summary of my day -- 1-20-07

I had a "lazy day" today. I woke up at 1 pm. I would have kept on sleeping, but it had started to snow!!!! I procceded to watch TV for the next few hours, primarily the E Channel. I watched THS(True Hollywood Story) -- Jennifer Lopez, The Girls Next Door, Talk Soup and part of the Daily 10. I also discovered Night at the Roxbury being played on TBS and watched the last half hour of that. While watching TV I ate(a tuna sandwich, PB&J sandwich, slimfast shake and 2 peanut butter cups and a rootbeer), wrote to TJ, and started decorating/personalizing the album I filled with pictures of my family in California(mostly numerous get-togethers). The album has a weird thin space between the picture pockets with a strip of paper which I assume is for journaling or labeling. I am doing this, but with fancy borders and in marker. I also went outside in the snow a couple times. It is warmer than last weekend. Right now everything is blanketed and it looks so pretty and clean and pure. I just love it. May feel differently when I have to drive to church tomorrow morning!!
I read for awhile and then took a bath and read some more!! Put on my fluffy robe and started blogging while watching TV. I watched Entertainment Tonight and Cold Case. Now I am watching Numbers. I also had a small snack bag of Dorritos and Diet Coke(my eating habits have gotten weird lately). After this I am going to surf the web and then read before bed. Will probably watch Saturday Night Live. I hope my husband calls later or in the morning.

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