Monday, January 22, 2007

Summary of my day -- 1-22-07

I was up until about 3 am. I ended up watching The Exorcist(not too smart before bed), but it was on a station with commercials, I left the light on and it had little fun facts at the bottom of the screen. Only a couple of scenes really bothered me(I managed to close my eyes when she threw up, though, even though it caught me by surprise!!), but I was worried I'd have nightmares. I finally ended up taking a Xanaz, but that was because I saw a news report about the deaths in Iraq yesterday that upset me. I slept until 12pm.
I watched Family Feud, All My Children(only for awhile as there was no Zarf/Zoe today), and THS on Lisa Marie Presley. I wrote to TJ. I had a Slimfast for breakfast. At 2pm I watched Days of Our Lives and General Hospital and cleaned off the couch in the livingroom. Then I went outside and shoveled a bit. Managed to get the Trailblazer out and cleared some snow with it to make a path to get out, but I was afraid my neighbors would park in the cleared space behind me and trap me in so I parked it up next to the trailer(thus clearing more snow!!). Made a snow angel outside my bedroom window and wrote I love TJ. Started a snowman and took a short walk. I also put out my pink flamingo lawn ornaments(you can take the girl out of Florida, but not Florida out of the girl!!). After I came back in I watched some entertainment shows while going through mail and paying bills and writing Thank You notes. I had a bagel and bacon and a snack bag of Dorritos and Diet Coke for dinner. Then I took a bubble bath and now I am blogging while watching The Girls Next Door(another guilty pleasure -- I guess I lied in a previous blog!!!). Later I plan to read and watch more TV and get to sleep at a decent hour. I also hope TJ calls!!

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