Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Summary of my day ... 1-23-07

Fell asleep really late again(was thinking about rearranging furniture, but then decided against it) so I slept until 11am. I went on Post to the post office and got the package my mom sent of stuff I left behind plus my aunt sent me a nice bookmark. Then I went to my friend, Mandy's, house and hung out with her and her kids all afternoon. In addition to lounging around talking and catching up we went to Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Sonic(where I learned from Mandy drinks are half priced between 3 and 5 pm!!!). But first we went to the animal shelter and I fell in love with a beautiful and playful black kitty. Luckily they were not doing any more adoptions today(plus I need to talk to my husband and I'm leaning towards getting a small dog!!). This evening I went Visiting Teaching with my partner and came home to Blog and watch American Idol. After this I'll be watching more TV and putting some more albums together(I found some at the Dollar Tree!!). Apparently the State of the Union Address is on tonight(just started), but I can't stand to hear Bush so I will not watch it.
This was a very good day.

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