Thursday, January 25, 2007

Summary of my day -- 1-25-06 and Fears Put To Rest

Woke up at 10:30am(wow!!) and had coleslaw, a snack bag of chips and peach punch for breakfast. Watched the 2nd half of Beauty Shop(finally saw the end!!) and then read for an hour. Watched THS on the Real World and parts of All my Children and just a little of Family Feud. Then watched most of THS bad girls of reality TV and had the rest of the fries from dinner last night. Then.....
MY HUSBAND CALLED!!!!!!!!! I was able to talk to him for over 1/2 an hour. He was pinned with a medal yesterday from a One Star General for his team finding an IED. He also got a copper coin. I am just so proud of him.
After that I took a long bath and finished a book. Now I am blogging, watching Seinfeld and getting ready to go bowling later.
UPDATE: Went bowling and had a great time. I broke 100 my second game!!! My friend made me cry(happy tears) when she told me her husband told her that he can see how much my husband loves me by the way he talks about me. I have been worrying that being apart from my husband would make him start to love me less. Like maybe he was enjoying being on his own over there and rethinking marrying me, but I know now that is not the case. I knew in my heart that wouldn't happen, but it is easy to start thinking things like that when your husband is gone and you only talk once a week or less. It's also hard to convey your feelings over the phone sometimes. I try to tell him more in letters, but there are some things you can't convey in letters either. And he does not write to me(he is not much for writing, that's why). I am looking forward to him coming home for R&R, even though it is just for a short time, because we will be able to just be together and reconnect.


Kim said...

Yay for TJ!

suzanne said...

i'm so glad you heard from tj! what a relief. and what an honor for him to be decorated! i'm happy for both of you!