Monday, January 29, 2007

Summary of my day -- 1-29-07

Woke up at 12 pm, watched Family Feud, All my Children and Days of Our Lives simultaneously. Started watching a Lifetime movie(Silencing Mary), but then ended up talking on the phone to my friend for a loooong time!! :)
Watched a documentary on Count Vladimir Dracula(very interesting) and then fell asleep for 3 hours. Woke up and watched the end of Wife Swap and then watched an E show and then put on Back to the Future, but took a bath and finished my book(as you will recall, it was called I Want To Live and guess what? She lives). Then got on the computer and have been alternating between Back To The Future, Little People Big World, The Colbert Report and Tonight Show. I have settled on the Tonight Show for now because it is Monday and on Monday they do Headlines, which is my favorite segment.
I think I slept so much today because I am depressed. I don't feel overly sad or upset, but just low on energy and kind of sad over TJ. It started last night and never went away(though I did feel better after talking to my friend).

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