Monday, February 12, 2007

Crying -- Good or Bad?

As I lay in bed last night, drugged with cold medicine, I thought about depression and crying. I came to the conclusion that it is good to cry.
It seems that when I am depressed my whole body just shuts down and I am incredibly tired and don't feel like doing anything -- even crying.
Crying is a great release. I am able to get all my frustrations out and let myself feel sad. After, I feel much better.
I can't think of what else to say right now, but I would like to know other people's opinions.


Kim said...

I think that crying can be good, but crying every day or crying for no reason at all-not good at all. It's good to feel your emotions, but your emotions can also let you know when things aren't right.

suzanne said...

i agree that for the most part, crying is a good release. it's one of the functions of our bodies. but if one cries all the time, for anything and/or nothing, then your body is telling you there is something wrong.

oops! just read previous comment and think i repeated what she said. *blush*

Robyn :) said...

Both great comments!!! Worth repeating.
I agree that there should probably be a reason for the crying. In my case, I cry because I miss my husband. I also feel depressed that he is gone, but I think I would feel worse if I did not give into my emotions once in awhile and cry. Crying lets me get out all the frustration I feel about him being gone so I can move on to other things instead of just letting it eat away at me.

Marge said...

Crying is a good thing. I have done alot of crying in the past. Less now. I drive 40 minutes one way to work. Some days I would leave at 5:00 and cry all the way home. I felt better later on.