Thursday, February 8, 2007

I'm Not Bored -- Just Boring!!!!

I had a friend tell me that from reading my posts I sound bored. Which got me to I?
No, I'm not. I actually find stuff to do. Most of which is reading and watching TV(sometimes at the same time!!). But that does not mean I am bored. And usually I can't just watch TV -- I have to do something else as well like scrapbook or write to TJ.
I think I am very lazy. I read and watch TV a lot instead of cleaning my house!! So I am working on that. When you are by yourself, though, it is easy to let things go because you don't have to be concerned about anyone else. I do have a couple occasions coming up, though, that will have people coming to my home so I have motivation to get things in order!!
I will admit, also, that my life is very BORING. So it probably is not very interesting to read my daily summaries, but the purpose of those is to let people who want to know how I am doing see what I am doing and how I am doing. There may be other things going on that I cannot write about on here out of respect to other people who may be involved.
But there are times when I do get bored -- that's when I start looking for something to do!!!!

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