Saturday, February 3, 2007

Kansas vs. Florida

For anyone who has heard the news about the storms and tornadoes in Florida last night I want to let you know that my family and TJ's do not live in any of the areas hit. However, this is just one more reason that I do not want to move back there!!! Okay, I know that sounds stupid as I am currently living in KANSAS and really like it and wouldn't mind staying here, but you need to understand a few things....
#1. Florida has more tornadoes than any other state, but usually they are minor and cause little damage so you never hear about them.
#2. They do not have an adequate warning system in Florida. Here in Kansas we have sirens and they are tested weekly. The warning for last night's storms was radio and TV. They occured at 3am. What is wrong with this picture???
#3 They do not have basements or cellars. Kansas does. Although we do not have our own, our trailer park has a community one. Granted it is a couple blocks over, but it is there!!!
#4. Florida also has devastating hurricanes. Now, those do have adequate warning, but it's still another thing to deal with. And guess what hurricanes spawn??? Tornadoes!!!!
#5. Florida has more lightning strikes than any other states with the corridor between Tampa and Lakeland having the most within the state. Yep, no chance of me moving to that area.

Now, I'm not saying that Kansas is perfect(we can get some pretty impressive storms and it is currently freezing!!), but right now I feel a lot more secure here. It is also cheaper to live than Florida. The area I want to live in is in Central Florida and close to where the storms hit last night. It is also where there was a lot of hurricane damage. The Tampa area is too expensive as is most of the areas in Southern Florida. Northern may be a little better, I don't know. For now I am happy to stay in Kansas.

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