Thursday, February 15, 2007

March Care Package

In case anyone is wondering what to put in a soldier's care package, I thought I would document what I send to mine every month.

March.... (All of this fits into an $8.10 flat rate box)
1. Can of Pringles
2. Can of Kool-Aid
3. Pig pooper candy dispenser
4. 2 packets of Pop Rocks
5. 2 Sees suckers
6. Packet of pictures I took
7. Pair of socks he left behind
8. Word search book
9. 1 chapter of Bible on CD
10. Bag of candy corn
11. Green or green foil wrapped hard candies
12. Kids' digital camera
13. 2 small cans of Vienna Sausage
14. 1 small can of fruit cocktail

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