Monday, February 26, 2007

Moving on Up........

I know I said that I was going to wait until my husband made Specialist to live on Post, but I changed my mind.
With my husband's blessing I called the housing office back to find out what was available to me. There were townhouse-like homes becoming available in March in an area that is"down the hill". None of my friends live in this area. I have been inside one of these and they are nice and have a beautiful brick exterior. But I don't really like how the area lookes(kind of ghetto) and as this is part of an older section of Post I suspect it may be haunted(don't laugh -- Main Post is full of stories and sightings!! There is a whole event about this at Halloween).

I then found out that there is another area on Custer Hill(where the majority of homes are) that are available for what is called Junior Enlisted(my husband falls into this category). I did not know that. The only problem was I did not like how these were designed. They are basically apartments. 4 to a unit, 2 on top, 2 on the bottom. However, upon thinking about it and talking to my friend, Mandy, who really wants me to move on Post and pointed out I would be living really close to her, I decided that I would try for one of these. Other advantages are they are close to where my husband works, close to the PX and Burger King and are newer(and, therefore, hopefully not haunted!!).

So I called the housing office back and have been assigned to a unit and can move in on March 16th. I need to call tomorrow to get more details and hopefully make an appointment to see the unit before the inspection(at which time I can refuse it). Mandy and I drove around the neighborhood this evening and decided that it wasn't as bad as I thought. They have balconies and patios which I like. They have carports for one car and extra parking for additional ones. It is indeed close to where she lives and within walking distance(except this walk involves a very steep hill!!). I can't wait to see the inside.

I am very excited about this now. Although I am losing some money by moving on Post(because this trailer is so cheap I use the extra housing money for cable TV -- after the rest of it goes to utilities and phone), I feel this move is for the best. The advantages are....
1. I am close to all of my friends(especially Mandy) and can have them over without them having to schlepp all the way out to Milford.
2. I won't have to use as much gas in my cars.
3. Electric, gas, water, trash and sewer is included so I will have less bills to worry about.
4. I am closer to the hospital should I need it.
5. I am closer to work.
6. My husband can come home after PT to shower and have breakfast and can also come home for lunch.
7. My mom feels better about me being on Post.
8. I can get good cable with internet!!!! Or phones with DSL!!!

One thing I was worried about was my husband coming home to a home that is unfamiliar to him, but he assured me it was not a problem.

Also, once TJ makes Specialist I can sign up for housing in the area I want to live in. Of course this means moving again, but it will be worth it.

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