Monday, February 26, 2007

The Root of the Rumor Discovered!!!

I found out how the rumor about me not treating my husband nicely started. When he goes shopping at the PX he uses his Military Star card. Some of the other soldiers asked him why he didn't have a check card. He says that he told him he does not have it so he does not get into financial trouble by overspending. He probably also mentioned that I took it away from him.

Yes, I did take my husband's check card away. He had a hard time understanding that with our joint account that even though their may be a balance showing wehen he goes to use the card, I may have used that money to write a check to pay a bill. I gave him several chances to prove to me he could be trusted with the card and he failed. So I told him to hand it over and he did without argument. He got the Star Card in Iraq because they do not want them using cash. He may still overspend, but it is on a credit card we can make payments on. And to his credit he has done very well(I pay the bill so I know the balance).

He explained that the other soldiers who could not believe he did not have the check card are mostly single, which explains a lot(but does not justify them talking bad about me!!). Most likely they do not have any bills back here to pay so they can use their money freely. That's great for them, but they need to understand that it is different when you are married and have bills.

If I had known in the first place that this is why they were saying I treat TJ badly I wouldn't have gotten so upset. I still would have been mad, but not depressed. Unfortunately, my friend's husband did not tell her the reason(I'm not sure he even knows), but that was not their fault. I will know better next time not to get uspet until I know the whole story.

I also asked TJ if he thought I wasn't nice to him and he said no, that I treat him really good. So that made me feel good.

ALSO, my best friend here found out today from another friend(who is the victim of many rumors herself) that some wives(not our friends) were saying things about her. Almost the same thing that was said about me, but slightly different and based on their perceptions of a situation, not what actually was occurring. Again, they did not bother to find out the reason behind what they were gossipping about. My friend was extremely pissed off and I got even more pissed off for her. However, one difference is that my friend actually suspected that these people had been talking about her by the way they treated her. I had no idea I was being talked about. I won't make that mistake again or even worry what people are saying about me because I know who my friends are and they are who matter. And my husband, of course!!

You think that rumors run rampant in Hollywood??? Try joining the Army!!! Or any military branch!!(Lord knows what would happen if I shaved my head)

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suzanne said...

lol! i can't even imagine you shaving your head for any reason...or lack of reason!
bless your heart. i'm so glad tj cleared things up for you and said you didn't treat him bad!