Sunday, February 4, 2007


Scrapbooks I have completed.......
1. My baby pictures
2. 3 Florida albums(2002-2006)
3. My wedding
4. Washington DC and New York, 2002

Scrapbooks I am currently working on......
1. Disney(more a photo album with accents)
2.. Summer 2005 trips(Have the album and all the page elements together)
3. Kansas
4. Army(from Boot Camp to right before Deployment)
5. Christmas (won't be worked on again until next season)
6. Knott's Berry Farm(more a photo album with history snippets)

Scrapbooks I have planned..........
1. Heritage(family pictures -- immediate, extended, and ancestors/have the album))
2. Temples
3. Carebear(will be made as a story book)
4. Holiday trips 2006 (have the album)

Scrapbooks that are finished, but can be added to......
1. Easter
2. Halloween
3. TJ and me
4. Me(for TJ)

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