Thursday, February 1, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-1-07

Woke up at 10am. Watched TV. Paid bills. Went on Post to the post office and renewed my box. Went to the PX. Decided to go into Manhattan and went to Walmart(got film developed and some sexy silk boxers for my husband!!), Dollar Tree(got enough albums to finish loading my pictures), Hastings(didn't buy anything), Hobby Lobby(got a cool album and paper on sale and a lap desk!), Sonic for happy hour, the mall(went to Bath and Body Works and a place that custom makes t-shirts), Target and Joanns (where I got a thick paper stack regularly $30.00 for only $8!!!!). Then I went back to Junction City and got a bread maker at that Walmart(Christmas present from my mother-in-law), 2 MRE's for my 72 hour kit from the military outlet and I went to the library where 2 of my books had come in. Went back on Post to the Commissary and then went bowling. I bowled 3 strikes in one game!!! My score was 105. personal best since I started bowling again.
I talked to my mom again tonight. Now I am home blogging and watching Grey's Anatomy. Next will be ER!!! Gonna work on some albums and choose which one to take to a crop party tomorrow.
Still haven't heard from my husband, though his sergeant swears he has been trying to call me :/
Coming soon will be another poem(this one on pride) and an updated list of what I am reading.

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