Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Summary of my day --- 2-13-07

Starting a little early today as I probably won't get online later.
Woke up about 8am and took more cold medicine and went back to sleep.
TJ finally called at 11am!!! He is doing good and training for a few days at another camp. He called for Valentine's Day and may call again tomorrow. He also said I can get a cat!! Without having to wait for him(he wants to help pick out a dog, though).
I went back to sleep until 3:45pm and then got online. I am hoping I can make it through work tonight because I am still sick and that was the point of sleeping all day(otherwise I would have stayed up at 8:45!!!), but I went outside a little while ago and got very winded. I am hoping it was because I hadn't eaten yet.
It is still snowing a bit, but it is only flurries so I should be able to drive to work okay. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow night, though. I have to be on Post during the day so I might just stay there until it is time to go to work.
More tomorrow!!!

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