Sunday, February 18, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-18-07

Woke up at 9:00am and got ready for church, but had a bad stomach ache(probably from the Taco Bell and M&Ms I ate last night). So I layed in bed for 3 hours with a heating pad, watching TV. Then I went to my friend, Mandy's, house for awhile and then we went to our friend, Amber's, house for the rest of the afternoon. Now I am home and watching TV again. Exciting day, huh?
I am not happy at missing church as this was my 3rd week of not going. The 1st week I was sore from work, last week I was too tired from staying up late the night before and today it was a stomachache. Satan is really working on keeping me from going!! Next weekend I am eating super-healthy on Saturday, not sleeping half the day and getting to sleep early so nothing will stop me on Sunday!!! Just for the record I did not fall asleep until 4am last night, but I still managed to get up this morning and dressed before the stomach ache hit.

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Kim said...

I go through that with church also, so don't feel too bad about it.