Monday, February 19, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-19-07

Woke up at 1pm. Although I was incredibly tired last night, I had trouble falling asleep because it was VERY windy. I even slept through the ambulance coming to my neighbor's house this morning!! The only reason I know about that is because she asked me to move her car for her(her husband drives) because her husband went to the hospital.
Anyway, I woke up at 1pm because my husband called!!! He's back at Speicher. I gave him his PIN Number for the calling card account I set up for him so he has promised to call more. I also told him to talk to one of his sergeants(my friend's husband) to get ideas on what he can do for me, from there, for special occasions!! I also told my friend to tell her husband that he should conduct a seminar over there!!
Okay, so after I got off the phone I moved my neighbor's car and then talked with her for awhile. Then I went on the computer for awhile and then got dressed(yes, I was still in my pajamas at this point!!) and went to my friend's house. Another friend was there and we talked and looked at pictures and watched their dogs play with each other. Then we went to Burger King. Then I went to work for 2 hours.
After I get off the computer I am going to finishh washing dishes and put the clean ones away. My goal tomorrow is to clean up the kitchen and my desk area. On Wednesday I want to clean the bathroom. On Thursday I will probably go to my friend's house for the afternoon and then on Friday I will try to pack all the Christmas decorations away(they are on the bed in my spare room!!). Then I will need to clean my room, but I am in now hurry to do that!!

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