Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-20-07

Believe it or not, I woke up at 11am this morning!! I did lay in bed for an hour, but I was awake!! Then I watched TV for an hour and had a BT sandwich.(BT= Bacon and Tomato) Then I cleaned up my kitchen and dining area and picked up the living room and I started taking down my Christmas Tree(yes, it was still up). Then I went to Sonic for a drink and then to Walmart to get some 8x8 page protectors, aluminum foil and sponges. I also ended up getting some letter stickers, a bendy bunny for TJ and a camouflage Easter basket and eggs!! Then I went to Dollar Tree for an album and got more letter stickers, Easter candy for TJ , Gospel of Mark on CD, and 2 puzzles(those were for me!!). Then I went to my friend, Mandy's, house to hang out before work. I worked for just under 2 hours. Did all my frozen food and left the candy for tomorrow. Went to Taco Bell for nachos and came home.
I am happy to finally have started on my cleaning!! Tomorrow I am going to do the bathroom and finish taking down the tree. Thursday I will probably not do anything as I will be scrapbooking. Friday I have AFTB classes. I am looking at Saturday to get the desk area cleaned and organized and then next week I will work on the 2 bedrooms.

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