Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-21-07

Woke up at 2pm. I don't know what happened. I did not even take a sleep aid or go to sleep all that late!!
I had about 10 phone calls today!! Let's count them. First, at 7:44am from the missionaries confirming dinner this evening. Next at 11 something my friend Mandy called twice to ask me something and then to say never mind. Then my rep called to tell me something about work. Then the supervisor for my district called to set up a day where she can meet and train me. She lost her signal and had to call me back(now we are up to 7). Then the library called to let me know a book I had on hold was in. Then the director of AFTB classes called to make sure I was coming Friday. Then my mom called. That's 10. I did have another call this evening while I was out and a message on my cell phone. So 12 phone calls altogether. Why is this a big deal???? Because I normally don't get ANY calls!!!! Or maybe one or 2, but never 12!!!
Okay, so once I was awake I watched TV and cleaned my bathroom. Also cleaned the bathroom and hall floor.
Then I went into town to get my library book and then took the missionaries to dinner at the Chinese Buffet. Then I went to work for 3 hours. Discovered that they do not always pull all of my stuff out and I need to go into the freezer myself to get stuff!! Not so much the freezer as the refrigerator. But I found a bunch of stuff I have been wondering about so I will be busy the next few nights catching everything up.
I am incredibly tired and a bit sore tonight. Feeling pretty good otherwise. I was a little depressed this afternoon, but got over it. Especially when I left the house. It is warm here -- in the 60s!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I may not do scrapbooking tomorrow so if not my plans are to finish taking down the Christmas tree(yes, I still need to take off the collector ornaments--takes awhile as they have their own special boxes) and wipe down the kitchen counters and do the dishes that are there now. Also, maybe vacuum the kitchen and livingroom. Friday I will probably not do anything as I have classes and then Saturday I will clean up the desk area and my friend will help me set up my printer.

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