Friday, February 23, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-23-07

To make up for sleeping all day yesterday I woke up at 10 am this morning. Picked up a bit in the livingroom and wiped down kitchen counters. Watched Gilmore Girls. At 11 am I left for town. Went to Burger King for a Frozen Coke and Cheesy Tots. Took plastic bags to the thrift store and looked around and miraculously did not buy anything!! Went to my AFTB classes where my friend taught 2 of the courses. Got done early.
Went to the animal shelter on Post. There is another female Siamese there that was cute and friendly. One of the males from last week(the super friendly one) is still there, too. I am torn. There were a lot of other cats, too, but right now it is between the Siamese and white male cat with black patches. Neither are named. I am trying to hold out for my paycheck(which is going to be late).
Then I went to a salon and spa in town to pick up a brochure. My friend, Mandy, and I are already making plans for the inevitable Cavalry Ball that will take place when the unit comes home. I have bought a dress and now we are looking into where we can get our hair and maybe nails done. We both did not want to go to the last one, but this one we are looking forward to so we are already planning. It will be an extra special ball because all the husbands will be home and it will probably be the last unit function.
Okay, then I went and got gas and then to Sonic for Happy Hour. Then I went to Mandy's house for the rest of the afternoon. Then I went to work for 3 hours. Then I came home. Picked up a little bit more in the livingroom. I am too tired to clean my desk or file bills so that will be done on Wednesday I think.

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