Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-27-07

Woke up at 9am !!!!!!! Called the housing office and was given the number of my unit, but am not able to take a look at it as it is under construction(no, they are not building it -- that just means they are repainting it and fixing it up for us!!). I did go by to see the outside. I will be on the second floor. The front of the unit faces south unto the circular street it is on. The back faces another neighborhood and a lot of empty space!!! There is a playground below which normally would bother me because of the noise, but my friend can bring her daughter over to play and we can watch her from my balcony. This will be the first place I've lived that had a balcony.
So after that I watched TV and my friend, Amber, called and explained to me that the Army will come in and pack my stuff so I don't have to bother with it. So, I'm not going to!! I do have a few boxes that I will use and that stuff I will move in my car.
Then I called my friend, Mandy, washed my hair and headed to Post. Mandy made lunch and then we went to look at the unit. I did take an exterior picture. Then we went to ACS so she could sign up for AFTB classes with me. Then we went into town and to Sonic of course!! Then we came back and tried to go to the animal shelter, but it was closed for the day. So we went back to her house and scrapbooked for awhile. Then we went to Burger King to pick up food and then to our FRG meeting.
Learned that there is a unit scheduled to replace our unit in Iraq so our guys should be back at the end of October as scheduled. Of course, things can always change, but the fact that they have a replacement unit is a good sign!!!.
Then I went to work for 2 1/2 hours!!! Got a lot done. A whole lotta stuff came in today. I suspect it was partly because we had inventory yesterday, partly because in 2 days it is payday, but not just payday, the first payday of the month. Some people only get one paycheck a month so this is the big one. I started working after the 1st of the month so I have not had this pleasure yet of massive inventory.
I just realized I forgot Law and Order SVU is on tonight. I am just now catching the last 15 minutes.
Update on rumors -- this is kind of funny. One of the wives said that she was being called a mistress -- she got a job as a SEAMSTRESS!!!!!!!! LOL. Silly guys.

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Kim said...

Seamstress....Mistress...Such petty details! (: