Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-28-07

Another month down and 8 more to go!!!
Woke up at 10 am and watched Gilmore Girls. Laid in bed for half an hour, got a phone call, then read. At 12pm I washed most of my dishes(ran out of hot water!!), hung most of my laundry up to dry(ran out of space on the rack), and got dressed. Watched TV, too. At 1pm I left for Post. Drove by my house again. Went to the Commissary to sign some paperwork and got Sushi for lunch. Went to the housing office and learned more about my new home!!!!!
What I learned --
1. It is pretty big -- almost 1100 square feet. The biggest place I have lived in besides the house I grew up in.
2. It has 2 storage spaces(plus one in the hall we can share with our neighbor).
3. In addition to a dishwasher(which I knew of and did not think anything else could thrill me more) it has a garbage disposal and a refrigerator with an ICE MAKER!!!!!! I hate making my own ice so this is the best thing ever. I have NEVER EVER had an ice maker in my WHOLE LIFE. It quite possibly may also have a water filter, but they weren't sure. I am happy with just the icemaker, but I may die and go to heaven with a water filter, too.
4. They are doing a complete renovation on the place so I will have new paint, new linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom and new carpet!!!
5. The master bedroom has a walk in closet TJ will actually get to keep his non-army clothes(those have to go in a designated closet -- either the coat closet, storage space or spare room closet) in not only the same closet, but in the same ROOM as me now.
6. It has a coat closet.
7. It has a livingroom, dining area and family room!!!! But judging from the floorplan, the family room looks more suited to being the dining area and the dining area an office space.
8. It has a huge balcony(okay I already knew this) with 2 doors leading to it -- one from the kitchen and one from the "dining area"(which will actually be our office space).
9. It has a small laundry room -- no more washer in the bathroom!!!!!

Okay after that I went to Mandy's and we planned our day tomorrow(superbusy!!) and then tried going to the animal shelter but it was closed for inventory. Then we went to Sonic and then to Goodwill to look(didn't find anything) and the DAV Thrift Store where Mandy found a formal dress for the next Cav Ball for only $10.00!!!!!!!!!!

Then we came back to her house and relaxed for a little while before taking her daughter to dance class. Then we came back and I went to work for 3 1/2 hours!!!!! Now I am back at Mandy's because I am spending the night because we need to get up SUPER EARLY tomorrow.


Kim said...

You're going to have to take pictures from a digital camera and post them on here. It sounds great!

Robyn :) said...

Yeah, I may need some help with that!! LOL