Sunday, February 4, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-3-07

I am soooooo sore!!
Okay, woke up at 12pm. Was awake for only a little while before falling asleep again for an hour or so. I was either just really tired or depressed. Probably a little of both. I did forget to take my selexa a couple of nights(oops!).
Read for awhile, watched TV, ate a couple snack bags of chips and 2 Twinkies(yes, I need to eat better), and went through photos for a heritage album I am planning to do.
Took a shower and then headed out to work. It is not an easy job, but it is not overly hard either. More lifting than I anticipated, but I desperately need the exercise. I also had a lot to do tonight and was there the whole 4 hours as they have not had a regular stocker for the company I work for for a couple of weeks. I mostly do a variety of frozen foods(which is all I did tonight!!), but I also have some candy. So now I am pretty sore and tired, but it is a good tired as it is because I did something!!! I definitely like working at night, too. For some reason I've always liked being in grocery stores at night(I think it's because they are so bright compared with the darkness outside).
After work I went to Burger King for a Junior Whopper, Fries(their fries have changed and taste good again!!) and a Frozen Coke. There were also snow flurries outside!!. Came home and watched SNL. Took a nice hot bath. Wrote to my husband.
A pretty good, but short day.

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