Saturday, February 10, 2007

Summary of my day -- 2-9-07

Woke up at about 10am, but made myself go back to sleep(I just did not want to get up!!) until 12 pm. Watched Family Feud and read. Had a salami sandwich for lunch. Mostly read and watched TV for the afternoon, ended up starting my personal scrapbook during Gilmore Girls and continued to work on it during 7th Heaven. Went to work and was done under 2 hours(my stuff didn't come in so I just had the leftovers from yesterday!!).
Came home and worked more on my scrapbook while watching various news and entertainment shows and 1 episode of Scrubs and a bit of Jerry Maguire and 1/2 of Jay Leno. I should have been cleaning some more, but just did not feel like it!!! I am going to try to get the kitchen and dining area done tomorrow(and by kitchen I mean the dishes!! I miss my dishwasher :(.......I did put away some stuff on the counter and will finish the one area as well tomorrow).
It is supposed to snow tomorrow!!! Yay!!!
My husband has not called in a week(pretty normal) so I am sad and missing him a lot.
After finishing up here I am going to eat dinner(FROZEN PIZZA) and read some more(especially scriptures) before falling asleep.

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