Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day -- Not my best holiday

I have never had a truly great Valentine's Day. Except maybe for when I was a kid and would get all those cards from classmates. But other than then I have had only 3 memorable Valentine's Days and they weren't all that great, either.
#1. My eighth grade boyfriend bought me 4 red carnations(the limit for carnation sales and red meant love). Okay, that was a pretty good one. I think there was a dance, too!!.
#2. My high school boyfriend brought me 2 giant balloons. Would have been much better if I wasn't sick and we actually spent the day together(I was actually in college at the time and he was working that evening delivering balloons!! And I was sick).
#3. I made one of my boyfriends all kinds of homemade stuff and he got me a bear and chocolates and possibly flowers and a balloon(I can't remember!!). This would have been a better day if we had spent it all together. Unfortunatley he worked days and i worked at night so we were only able to spend like an hour together.

Notice that my husband isn't mentioned above. This is because he is not too good at holidays and gifts. I did not get anything last year(our first together. We were just engaged, not married). I sent him a card. This year he is in Iraq which makes it even harder for him(although my friend got flowers from her husband who is there, too!! and another got a card). I sent him his monthly care package and for Valentine's added some valentine candy and a homemade card with a poem I wrote. I also bought him silk boxers, but he does not get those until R&R!!! I don't think he can wear them in Iraq.

Next year he should be home and hopefully we will have an awesome Valentine's Day that will become my best Valentine's Day ever!!!!!!

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