Sunday, March 11, 2007

Summary of my day -- 3-10-07

Woke up about 10am with my ear hurting really bad. It hurt from the top of my eye down to my throat by way of my ear. Took Aleve and put a hot washcloth on it for awhile.
Took linens to laundromat and loaded them in dryer. Went to library to turn in book and checked out The Exorcist and a Scrabooking book(I'm sure the librarian was amused). Went back to Laundromat and had a Coke and candybar while waiting.
Went to PX and then the ER for 4 hours. pretty good for an army hospital. Found out it is also a teaching hospital so it was fun to have my case discussed in front of me like I wasn't there!!! I learned that I have a larger than normal tongue and tonsils(which means I snore). Not related to my ear prob;em, though -- due to a recent cold or sinus infection the fluid is not draining properly which is blocking up my ear and making it hurt. I was given generic Sudafed and Aleve(500 mg naproxen).
Went Popeyes for an extremely late lunch and met my friends at the end of their 5 mile walk. Went to Commissary to buy dessert for an impromptu barbeque. went to work for only an hour to put out only what was absolutely necessary(the cold was killing me!!!) and went back to barbeque.
Spent the night at my friend, Amanda's(so I could be near my cat), which is why this blog is a day late!!!

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