Monday, March 12, 2007

Summary of my day -- 3-12-07

Woke up just before 9am. Got dressed and called phone company, electric and cable to cancel services. Called new cable and phone company to get new service for new home.
Went to Post and picked up my friend, Amanda, to sign up for stuff. Took Scout for ride in the car with us. He cried a bit, but also explored.
Went back to Amanda's house where she let me type up my HASFR minutes. Then we went out to lunch at the Chinese buffet with our friend, Connie.
Went to work for 2 hours. Went to Mandy's for an hour. Went to Spouses of Deployed Soldiers Monday Night Activity and made fudge and sat around and talked. I won a door prize!!!!(magnetic notepads and a candle -- I gave 1 notepad to Mandy).
Came back to Mandy's to work on some computer stuff and work on this blog!!! I will be going home soon to watch TV and read.
Time to readjust my To Do List!!!!

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