Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summary of my day -- 3-13-07

I'm a bit behind so this will be short!!

Let's see, this was Tuesday so I........ ummmmmmmm...... got up at............... ummmmmm 10:30?
Not sure what I did that morning, but at 11:30am I went into town to pick up the missionaries and brought them back to my house for lunch. Mandy and Amanda and their kids came, too. I made spaghetti and sauce and attempted to make garlic bread, but burned it(confusion with the broiler!!). After lunch and a spiritual lesson everyone helped me take down all of the pictures in the trailer.
Then I took the missionaries home and met up with Mandy and Amanda and we all went to Sonic for Happy Hour. Went back to Mandy's until it was time for work. Finished some letters for HASFR. Printed out the minutes and copied them at Dillons. Bought envelopes.
Went to work. Went home. Had trouble with Yahoo. Watched TV and went to bed.

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