Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summary of my day 3-14-07

Woke up at 8:30 am!!!! Got on the computer to check mail and email HASFR minutes. Chatted with my friend, Kim.
At 10 am I went to HASFR meeting at Spring Valley schoolhouse. It was awesome. We sat at the students' desks!! Our president, Jimi, made a variety of sandwiches for sack lunches. we got a tour of the schoolhouse, an old cabin home and church. I highly recommend going if you live in this area!!!
After the meeting I went back home and washed dishes. Then I headed to Post and went to the Post Office and Shoppette and on to Mandy's. Worked on cross-stitch and talked and then went to Sonic. Talked some more(and to my mom!!) and then went to a a health training class and got a card for free medicine every month(another perk of military life!!). Visited Scout, went to work, came home, had a very hard time unhhoking my washer and got a little hysterical crying and yelling. I kept saying I wanted my husband!! Gave up and went to bed.

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