Saturday, March 31, 2007

Summary of my day -- 3-31-07

Another month down, 7 to go. 1 1/2 to R&R!!!!!
Woke up at 12pm when TJ called. I must say I slept a lot better this morning than I did last night!! Talked to him for 30 minutes. All is good.
Got up(sort of) and took medicine. Watched TV and read. Had 2 PB&J sandwiches. I watched teen cheerleading movies while reading teen cheerleading novels. My cat took a nap next to me.
Tried hooking up my washing machine, but it needs new water lines(or whatever they're called -- the things that bring the water from the faucet to the machine. tubes?). I only have one as the other rusted onto the faucet in the trailer and the one I have leaked all over. I'm still good on clean clothes and towels. I can always go to the laundromat, too. Scout enjoyed watching the water works!!
Got dressed and two of my friends, Amber and Amanda, came over for awhile to see the new place(Amber had been here once before, but it was the day I had a bad fever so she only saw the dining room). They liked it and so did their kids(who had a lot of room to run around!!). Everyone loved Scout and he got lots of attention. He did well with the kids(who liked to chase him around and pick him up!!).
Emptied another box(mostly army stuff I stashed in TJ's closet) and ordered a pizza. Watched Mean Girls and Ferris Bueller's Day Off alternately while reorganizing my scrapbook drawers. I am dying to start scrapbooking again. Made a card for TJ. Took a shower and now I am blogging.
I am happy to report that I am coughing a lot less today and my chest is not hurting as bad as it was last night. My ears are still plugged up and I have low energy. I am trying to mostly rest, with small periods of activity like unpacking. I have kept my livingroom clean and organized!!!
Scout has stopped hiding under the beds to sleep and mostly lays in his kitty bed which is on the couch -- yay!!!!!! Or he lays in my bed with me and sometimes cuddles. I've found that he is especially loving when he needs a refill in his food dish!!!

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