Thursday, March 29, 2007

Summary of my days up to today -- 3-29-07

Okay, I am still sick, but I guess I am doing better. I'm not coughing as much.
Yesterday I went to the doctor again. I could not sleep the night before. I was coughing and having trouble breathing and my throat and ears were hurting. They gave me some more medicine and explained that the flu is still running its course. But the medicine was to relieve the congestion and pain. They recommended I wait to go back to work until next week. Well, my reps did not like that and said that they were sorry I was ill, but they needed someone who is not ill all the time. I said that was fine. I wanted to quit anyway(I didn't tell them that). But I get the feeling they didn't believe I was sick and that pissed me off because I have been going through hell. I had also told them both times that I had doctor's notes. But oh well. Hopefully they can find someone who is smart enough to get a flu shot and will not get colds or anything, especially working with the frozen foods!!!(For the record, when I had a cold I did go to work). But now I can start doing things in the evening again. And I made enough money from the job to adopt Scout and get him neutered(soon, I hope) with a bit left over for some of the kitty stuff I bought him(on top of the Walmart gift card I had) and maybe something for TJ.
Tj was doing good about calling nearly everyday, but then he had a mission, but called like 2 days later, but it has been 2 days again and I don't know if he is on a mission or what.
I am getting pretty depressed from being sick, but I am getting strength back and working on my house, which I love. It has soooo much space.
I think Scout may be a little sick(can cats get the flu from humans?). He is mostly sleeping under the beds, but he does come out once in awhile to sleep on the bed or on the couch and to check everything out. He also really likes the toilet, especially after I flush it.

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