Friday, March 23, 2007

Summary of my WEEK -- 3-16-07 to 3-23-07

Hello. Wondering where I've been?????? Well, I have been down with the FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the FLU. I still don't have my own computer set up because I have no energy. I am hanging out at Mandy's house and she is letting me use her computer.
So, the move was successful, but hardly anything has been unpacked. I love my new house, though. So does Scout. He is such a little sweetheart. He likes to cuddle with me even!!!!
I got flowers today. No, not from my husband(are you kidding??), but from my super sweet best friend, Mandy!!! As a thank you. That she did not need to do, but it was very sweet of her.
My husband called for like 4 days straight!!!! I was mean to him for 3 and cried the whole time on one of them(I was sick and I apologized yesterday). Next time he calls he's going to get yelled at, though, because he is in trouble.
Funny thing about me having the flu -- everytime I get a cold I think it's the flu and I go to the doctor and they tell me it's just a cold. This time I decide not to do anything(even though I had a fever for 2 days) and it's the flu!!!!! From now on I'm not taking any chances.
Have I mentioned how much I love my cat???? He has been taking care of me and everything!!!

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Kim said...

I wondered where you were! Well, glad to see you're still among the living-and blogging.