Thursday, March 8, 2007

To Do List 3-12-07 to 3-18-07

Monday --
8am -- Call to cancel electric, phones and cable. Call to get info on phone, DSL and cable for new place. Done
9am -- Pick up Amanda to finish registering for classes. Done
11am -- work. Went at 3pm
After -- Go to Mandy's and type up minutes for HASFR(ask her first and make sure she has
Microsoft Word Done -- she does and she agreed)). Did at Amanda's instead. Also need to print some letters if she'll let me.Did 1/2 Go to Sonic and Dillons to make copies of minutes and buy envelopes. Visit Scout(Done).
6-9pm -- Candy making at ACS. Done
After -- come home and pack desk items to be moved by me instead of movers(use suitcase). Also, pack wedding stuff and knick knacks in diningroom. Done
Clean out cedar chest for linens to move.

Tuesday --
11:30am -- Pick up missionaries for lunch. Done Bring blue chair and breadmaker inside from car. Forgot to do.
12pm -- Lunch with missionaries. Take them back after and head to Post to hang out with
Mandy. Ask for help in taking down pictures. and curtains. Done Also ask for help in cleaning out cedar chest and putting in linens. Not sure why I put this. I did it my self and it was very easy.
Finish printing letters and also the minutes. Email minutes. Done, but I emailed the minutes the next morning.
3pm -- Sonic and Dillons. Buy envelopes. Done
Visit Scout and work at 7pm. Done
Clean out purses. Never did!!!

Wednesday --
10:30am to 12:30 pm -- HASFR meeting and schoolhouse tour and lunch!!! Address envelopes.
Buy soda and snacks for movers. Addressed envelopes day before and meeting started at 10am, but all was DONE
6pm -- Med card training at ACS Done
Work at 7pm and visit Scout. Done, but in reverse order!!!
Unplug everything(and disconnect washing machine) before bed(except for TV in bedroom).
Pack underwear and Maxi Pads in suitcase. Pack journals and writing stuff(Done) and toiletries.Done, but I did the toiletries the next day.

Thursday -- Movers come to pack everything!!! After I will pack non-refrigerated items they
cannot take. Done, except I did not finish packing the refrigerated items -- just those in the freezer!!!
Go to WM to get TYG. Forgot
Visit Scout and work at 7pm. Done in reverse order.
Load car with items I am taking personally(do before movers come) Done

Friday -- Moving Day!!!!! Pack up refrigerated items before leaving.
Turn in keys!!!!
11am -- get key and do walk through.
After movers come pick up Scout!!!!!!!!
7pm -- work

Saturday --
River walk
Work at 7pm

Sunday --
9am -- get up and get ready for church.
10am -- Church.
1pm -- Meeting at church.
3pm -- dinner and dog walking
Possibly visit teach.

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