Monday, March 5, 2007

To Do List 3-5-07 -- 3-11-07

Monday --- Put away dry white clothes. Hang the rest to dry. Put in load of light color clothes.

Tuesday ---
10 am -- get up, call moving company and missionaries, and shower. Pick up package at Post Office.
11 am -- babysit
After -- pick up Scout and take him to Amanda's house.
5 pm -- bowling
7 pm -- work
After -- Put away dry white clothes. Hang up 1/2 of dry light clothes

Wednesday --- Put Christmas decorations away.Done
Put away dry light clothes and hang up rest of light clothes. Start load of dark clothes.Visit Scout before work at 7pm.
*Visited Scout after work. Did not put away clothes(piled them on dresser), but hung up the rest. Did not start new load.

Thursday ---
10 am -- get up and shower.
11 am -- HASFR committee meeting.
Afternoon -- Visit Scout.
6pm -- Bowling
7pm -- work
After -- Do load of dark clothes and hang up 1/2 to dry. Put away light color clothes.
Done -- all of it!!!

Friday ---
10am -- get up and get dressed.
10:30 -- Pay utilities bill.
11am -- Moving survey.
After -- File bills. Hang up rest of dark clothes and visit Scout. Work at 7pm and put in load of linens.

Saturday ---
1:00 -- Take back library book. Done
1:30 -- Take linens to laundromat to dry Done
2:30 -- 10 mile walk at Riverwalk
After -- take a shower and visit Scout.
7pm -- work. Done
After -- Put linens away, if not too tired.

Sunday ---
9am -- Get up and shower. Done
10am -- Church
1pm -- Meeting at church.
3pm -- Visiting Teaching then Sunday get-together at Mandy's.
Visit Scout

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