Saturday, March 31, 2007

To Do List 4-1-07 to 4-8-07

Sunday --- FRG Easter party at 1pm. Set up at 12:30pm. Try not to have any pranks pulled on me. Done

Monday -- Clean out spare room trash and organize furniture and unpack and hang pictures. Done on Wednesday.Go through old stuff for toys and kids' pictures. Done on Wednesday Finish cleaning dining room and vacuum before setting up table. Put up Easter decorations. Empty dishwasher. Pay bills(at least verizon).Done

Tuesday -- Finish unpacking boxes stashed in dining room. Done Take trash down to can and put out on street. Done Go out to Milford to pay utilities and landlord.Done on Wednesday Buy new water lines for washing machine and go to store. Done Hook up washing machineDone and start laundry. Do whites and hang to dry. Start lights. Done on Wednesday Work on spare room.Done

Wednesday -- Bring garbage can back. Done 1pm -- Gyno visit. Had to cancel Finish hanging pictures. Almost done Go to laundromat if needed. Finish spare room if not done. Done

Thursday -- Clean bedroom. Organize laundry room. Finish dining room.Done Finish livingroom. Put away white clothes and hang light to dry.Done Start dark clothes. Done Vacuum whole house.

Friday -- Finish livingroom. Done Decorate for Easter. DonePut light clothes away and hang dark to dry. Done Start towels and sheets. Done

Saturday -- Take linens to laundromat to dry. Clean kitchen Done and bathroom. Vacuum whole house. Make lamb cake. Clean bedroom. Take camera to Walmart to develop and buy 2 new ones. DoneReturn DVDs. Done

Sunday --
10am -- church Done
1pm -- come home and vaccuum Straightened up, but did not vacuum.
2:30pm -- start dinner. Done
3pm -- dinner at my house!!!! Done

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