Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-10-07

I've gone MySpace crazy!!!!!

Got up at 11 am and got on the computer. Chatted and added stuff toMySpace page.

Went out about 2pm. Went by tax center, then to the Post Office. Went on down to Sonic and the to the DAV Thrift Shop. Bought a flowered skirt and red pants for under $4.00. Went to Commissary for Sushi and bargains from the discount shelf(found one of my favorite cereals!!).

Came home and got back on the computer to work on MySpace and chat with Kim. My friend, Conny, came for dinner(hence, the Sushi!!!) and brought me a vaccuum to borrow to get all the new carpet fuzz off my new carpet!! She also showed me how to use Photobucket so I could put photos on MySpace so I spent all evening working on that. I made 2 nice slideshows!!

I am happy to report that Scout behaved much better today around Conny's dog, Loucy. He did not growl or hiss too much. In fact, I only heard him growl once when Loucy was trying to get to him behind a chair. He did swat her in the face (though I don't think with claws) when she stuck her face to close to his!! He seems to be warming up to her a bit, though.

It's after 5 am now and I still haven't gone to sleep!!

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