Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Can't Sleep!!!

It is almost 6:30 am and I still have not gone to sleep!!!! I have a meeting at 11:30 am that I cannot miss and I need to be awake and alert!!

There's been a lot keeping me up. First, I kept thinking about my MySpace page and what I could add or change and I just had to get up and do it. Then I thought of a poem to write about my husband so I had to do that(I posted here as well).

Then I started to think about and worry about one of my friends. Her husband is going back from R&R this weekend and it is going to be so tough on her. She is also in a new house that she has not been in yet without her husband so that will be difficult to adjust to.

I am lucky that I moved on Post before TJ came back because I am used to being here by myself. It was really hard when I lived in the trailer and TJ left because I had not been there without him before.

My heart is breaking for my friend already. And then I still have to go through almost the same thing(minus the new house part) myself!!

I also got hungry so I got up and just had a bowl of cereal. I let Scout finish it. He wants to go out in the hall. He was crying by the door. Now he came back in here to play. he found Easter Grass. Oh boy!!!!

I'm rambling because I have had no sleep. I think I am ready to try again, but I know that as soon as I hit the pillow I will be thinking of something else that will keep me awake!!

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