Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm a Bona Fide Poet!!!!

Remember the poem below I wrote back in January??? Well, I took it to the PX where they have a booth where they print things up fancy. I chose a flag in clouds background and added a picture of my husband. I dropped off this morning and went back in the late afternoon to pick up. They had left it on display to have ready for me. The people who own the booth informed me that a couple other wives had been in looking and wanted to use the poem!!! He explained that he had to check with me first as I had wrote it. I told him he could go ahead and use it for other people. I felt sooo proud.

My husband is a U.S. SoldierHe serves in the United States Army
He defends this country and our freedom
He defends the freedom of others
He does what he is asked of his country and his leaders
And does not question it, no matter what he may think
He is doing his duty, he is sacrificing his life
He is keeping this country safe
He is noble, he is brave
He is a HERO

I am a soldier's wife I am left behind, but not in his heart
This is the life I chose when I married him
And I do not regret it
When I see him in his uniform, my heart swells with pride
My duty is to support him
My sacrifice is time
It is not easy, but neither is his job
I do it because I love him
I do it because he is my HERO