Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-10-07 or How the govt and media are messing with my life

Is it May yet?????????? Boy, this month just keeps getting better and better thanks to the government. (See Daily Summaries from 4-5-07 and 4-6-07 for additional info). What a great day today was -- NOT.

Okay, started out with me being awake until 7am(see previous blog). Slept for a grand total of 3 hours. Got up and went to HASFR meeting where I miraculously was able to take minutes(thank you can of Coca-Cola!!). That was a good part of my day. Then went to post Thrift Shop and bought 6 80s teen novels for $2.00. That was nice. Came home and chatted online and worked on MySpace. Was able to get a free patio table through Freecycle(YAY!!!) so I went to pick that up as well as chairs from my friend, Amber, but could only fit one with the table for now. Came home and lugged the chair upstairs.

Got back online and my friend, Kim, tells me my husband will be gone to January, not October. Informs me of the wonderful news story that is all over the media about how all ARMY deployments, effective immediately are going from 12 months to 15. My first impression is that it is not true, this is why I do not watch news, they are just saying that, but apparently this is straight from a news conference from someone in authority(Mr. Gates). So I start to worry that this could actually be true for once and I start crying and it gets progressively worse and I am sobbing and screaming and cursing the government and Bush and I start coughing just a little too hard and too much so I end up in the bathroom puking up soda(because the last time I ate was at 6:30 am and that has already passed my stomach) and stomach juices(TMI, I know) and almost can't stop, but I make myself since I don't want to just be dry heaving and my throat is getting raw. My back starts hurting bad from all the strain.

So I pull myself together, email my FRG POC to find out if we have been given any of this information directly and she tells me no, that the news is often wrong and as far as we know right now the deployemnt is set to end in October for our guys. That makes me feel better and I pray that she is right. However, I start getting my mind more used to the possibility that it may be 3 extra months(it's always been a possibility and it's always been in the back of my mind) and review my contingency plan for the holidays--stay with my mom from Thanksgiving to Christmas if I can bring Scout. I do a load of laundry and put the clean stuff from yesterday away.

Feeling better I make myself a great sandwich for dinner. Roast beef, butterkase cheese and sliced tomatoes w/mayo and parmesan cheese. then i get a message from my MIL. her daughter saw the news and they want to know what is going on. I knew that was going to happen. Try calling twice, but get busy signal. Write email and send. Repeat what was told to me and make clear that I have no information. Eat my sandwich and then decide to call one more time. Get through. At the same time, Mandy and her husband show up to return boxes and give me another TV. Use her husband to bring up patio table as well(Thank You, Kenny!!). While directing where to put the stuff(easy, but with pointing) and going down to try to help with one hand(did not work) and opening up car, I explain to MIL what I did in email. Promise to let her know when and if I find out more info. Have a nice, but brief(his R&R is over in a few days!!) chat with Mandy and her husband. He tells me more good things about my husband like how level headed he has become since being in Iraq(does this mean he won't put up with my crap anymore???!!! LOL). I am so proud of my soldier(even though I have to stop acting spoiled and as if the world revolves around me, Sigh)(I'm joking -- only my husband's life revolves around me!!)(ha,ha right, it's the other way around!! Such is the life of an Army Wife. I signed up for this job and I am going to stick with it because my husband is worth every minute. Even if it comes down to 3 extra months. He's worth that time as well. He's worth all the time in the world).

Okay, so anyway, as it stands right now, our guys are under contract for one year of deployment. It can change at any time. We have not been told it has. They have not received paperwork telling them differently. So this what we need to focus on, keeping the possibility of an extension in mind(as we should have been doing all along because it is a fact of Army life). If an extension happens we just have to deal with it. On the bright side of an extension(yes, there actually is a bright side) we would be getting double pay(kicks in after 365 days of deployement). So basically the government would keep my soldier, but I'd get the government's money. Not exactly a fair trade(for me -- my husband is worth so much more than double pay), but get this..... a unit has been in place to replace my husband's unit in October. If hubby's unit is extended and new unit still goes in October this is what the government is paying for.... New unit members' salaries, currently deployed unit members' salaries, plus another salary for each currently deployed unit on top of that. So it is basically paying for like 3 salaries per person for 3 months, instead of one salary per one person. What a waste of their money!!! But, hey, if that's what they want to do....... I can't stop them!!

Okay, so after finishing eating and chatting with 2 friends for hours I took a shower and took 2 xanax(I must sleep tonight). Got back on line and have been blogging and chatting. Xanax is slowly kicking in and I feel good, but I am craving sweets!!(okay, that's not because of the Xanax).

Some Scout stories --- he was running around like a crazy cat earlier playing with whatever he could get his paws on. He took my pink flamingo pen from the cup on my nightstand twice!! Several weeks ago he already decimated most of the feathers!! He keeps wanting to go out in the hall and stands by the door and cries like I should let him out. I think he may have previously been an outdoor cat. He is trying to get me to go to bed now. Bugging me and then running to the bedroom so I'll follow. Guess I better go before I fall asleep here!!!


Kim said...

Just to make it clear, it's NOT the government's money!!! It's OUR money.

Robyn :) said...

Good point, Kim!!! Okay, well thanks to the government I get more of YOUR money(though not double pay -- just an extra $1000.00 a month)while the government keeps my husband longer.