Thursday, April 12, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-12-07

Had trouble getting up this morning because of the Xanax. I dragged myself out at 10:30 and dragged myself to get dressed, scheck email and get ready to leave. Had to go to the bank first, so I didn't get to my friend, Debra's, house until 12pm instead af 11am. We went to lunch in Abilene and then to Alco(whic is much bigger and nicer than the one in Junction City). Then I took Debra home and went to Sonic and on to post for a meeting. then I went bowling(didn't bowl, though, because of my back, but socialized) and came home. Been on the computer and am now watching ER.

We were emailed a notice today that we will probably be affected by the new deployment regulations(15 months), but we have not been told anything officially and they will update us when they have more specifics. Can't wait.

Scout has decided that he really wants to play with my wedding stuff -- all the artificial flowers I saved to decorate with, my kissing doves and most of all -- my pink flamingo feather pen!!!! I let him have the flowers, he only knocked down the doves and he decimated the flamingo weeks ago so I keep taking it away. I'm not sure where to put it where he can't get it, but it is still out. I keep it in a cup on my nightstand and it's easy for him to take it. I think I got through to him, though. It stayed there while I was gone. we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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