Friday, April 13, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-13-07

What a beautiful Friday the 13th in Kansas today ---- NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! It rained ALL day and now we are under a snow advisory. Lovely weather. Normally I love the rain, but not this cold rain. I love summer rain.

Okay, anyway, I've realized why I love MySpace so much -- it is like putting together a scrapbook page, but on the computer!!!!

Can't remember what time I woke up, but it was after 11am. I was up until 5:30am and didn't fall asleep for another hour. I am fixin to get to bed about 12am tonight and read for an hour or 2.

Played on the computer for a couple of hours and then went out to run errands. Got bath towels at Alco(they didn't have the lingerie I wanted in my size, though). Filled up the Trailblazer with gas on Post. Went to Sonic. Went to Walmart and bought a skillet, whisks, alphabet stickers(discounted 50 cents a set!! -- I bought like 5), baby oil(which took me awhile to find), a hand towel to match one of the bath towels I bought at Alco, a newspaper and for tomorrow -- a shrimp tray, sub sandwhich and fruit mix. Stayed within my budget, too!!!

Came home and did laundry. Then went to Conny's house for pancakes and applesauce(very good!!!!!). Returned her awesome vacuum cleaner and she showed me where I could buy one. Then she found it somewhere else cheaper and emailed me earlier!! Then we went to a scrapbooking crop. I got 5 pages done!! Came home and I took a shower, cleaned house up a bit and ran the dishwasher.

I am trying to teach Scout that he cannot climb on ANY shelves or tables because he has been knocking things over. Right now he is curled up sweet as can be on the rocker. While I took my shower he was on my side of the bed and I think he expected me to come to bed, but when I didn't he came out in the livingroom to sleep here!!

Well, I am going to bed soon to read, watch TV and finally go to sleep.

I hope I hear from my husband tomorrow!!!

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