Sunday, April 15, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-15-07

I still haven't heard from TJ and I am starting to worry. Not that anything has happened to him, but that he is feeling down or something and not wanting to call me. I wish he would, though, so I can cheer him up!!! On the other hand, he may just be busy.

I got up at 11am. Went to church for the end of Stake Conference and a Temple trip meeting. Came back home and made a slideshow. Went to see my friend, Mandy, and then to dinner in Milford with friends from church.

Came home and worked on slide shows and MySpace some more, took a shower and am now watching TV. I need to call my mom and go to bed "early" because I have class in the morning!!!!

Scout is misbehavin more. He tries to sneak out the front door whenever he can and today I had to chase him all the way down the stairs!! Other than that he is being a sweetheart.

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