Monday, April 16, 2007

Summary of my day -- 4-16-07

I got up too early!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up at 7am(REALLY!!!!). Reset alarm for 7:30am and then 7:45am. Got up and got dressed and brushed my teeth and hair. Checked the weather on Weather Channel. Left for school. Tried eating a breakfast bar, but it was too early!!! Got to school early and wrote to TJ and worked on a new daily schedule(I will maybe post tomorrow). Had short class(I'm taking German). Went to post office and came home. Did laundry, played on computer and emptied and refilled dishwasher. Babysat and cleaned living room and put Easter decorations away(Allie helped!!). Had lunch. Went to Sonic for Happy Hour and hung out a bit with Mandy and the kids. Came home and paid my bills. Went for a walk with Conny and Loucy. Hung out with Conny here, ate dinner and then met up with the other wives for ice cream at Sonic(yep, went twice today!!!!!). came home and have been on computer keeping up with MySpace(did not add anything today!!) and blogging. Now I am going to take a shower, clean out my kitchen sink, and read before going to sleep.

Still haven't heard from TJ. I'm worried about him :(

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